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Kera-Plast is a stiff, biodegradable and renewable material out of Human Hair.


Kera-Plast is introducing cut Human Hair, currently considered as waste, as a material base highlighting that our elements are part of the renewable natural cycle.

A fabrication method for keratin-based fibers was developed, combining traditional textile techniques with thermo – compression molding. Through this process the hair fibers even glue together without any additional binders. The result is a stiff material, reminding on plastic due to the shiny, water-repellent surface and translucency. Different aesthetics ranging from organic to structured can be achieved through the application of textile techniques like dyeing, knitting, weaving or non-woven processes to control the short hair waste fibers.

The project aims to re-loop humans and nature by questioning the current systems & ethics through materiality. It highlights the potential by displaying a variety of possibilities of patterns and 3D surfaces of the Kera-Plast material. The developed method makes it possible to design with hair waste, and therewith enlarges our currently used natural material resources.